The height It may also be a risk factor for developing various types of cancer, according to the findings of a study that has been published.Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention', And that they point out that the higher a woman is after menopause, the greater the chances of suffering Cancer. The higher stature was related to breast cancer, endometrium, kidney, colon, rectum, ovary and thyroid, as well as melanoma and multiple myeloma.

According to one of the authors of the study, the epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat, they found more cancers related to the height than with the body mass index (BMI). And he adds that, given that cancer is related to the processes that intervene in growth, it is understandable that hormones and other growth factors that influence the height of a person, can also influence the risk of developing cancer.

In the research, a follow-up period of five years -from 1993 to 1998- was carried out on women between the ages of 50 and 79 years, who were measured and weighed at the beginning of the study, and were also asked about their physical activity. , education, alcohol and tobacco consumption, hormonal therapy, and other factors that influence the chances of suffering from cancer.

The researchers detected that for each ten centimeters more height, the risk of developing any type of cancer increased 13%, and that none of the 19 types of cancer studied showed a negative association with height. Certain genetic variations associated with the height of a person are also linked to the risk of cancer, so the authors of the work believe that more studies should be conducted to find out how they influence so that some men and women have a greater predisposition to cancer .

Higher risk of cancer if you are tall (November 2019).