50% of people with HIV in Spain are also affected by hepatitis C, and 6% of people with HIV have hepatitis B. The coincidence of both infections increases the chances of dying of these patients by 14.2%, says doctor Enrique Ortega, head of the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Hospital de Valencia.

Dr. Ortega, who has participated in the day 'Hepatitis? For an early diagnosis, get tested ', organized by the Spanish Association of Hepatitis C Patients, has warned in reference to these data, that it is of vital importance that medical professionals are not only dedicated to fight against HIV, but that these patients are also given a treatment for hepatitis.

However, and according to the figures presented by this specialist, only 10% of people who suffer from HIV and hepatitis are treated by the latter.

The specialists who attended the day alerted that hepatitis C continues to be a disease with a high prevalence among the Spanish population, since in our country it affects some 600,000 people.

Hepatis B, meanwhile, has a low prevalence in Spain, but experts say that worldwide is a serious health problem because it is also transmitted by sexual contact and is difficult to diagnose.


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