Kaldi, a shepherd who lived in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, discovered by chance the properties of coffee. He was in the field with his flock of goats, when he observed how the animals ate a reddish berries of a bush, which after being ingested, made the goats show themselves with much more vitality and energetic. In addition, he saw how these effects lasted until night.

It was then when the pastor decided to try the fruits of the same plant to see if they had the same effect on him, and what was his surprise when he found that he experienced a feeling of euphoria similar to that of his animals.

He collected samples of berries and branches from the bush to take them to an abbot friend of the convent of Kaffa. The priest along with the pastor, made a series of experiments with the fruits, including an infusion. The result was a drink so bitter that they ended up throwing it to the embers. It was like this, roasting, when the remains of the plant and its fruits began to give off an intense and pleasant aroma. Since then, the monks of the monastery began to consume it to stay awake during the prayers they made at night.

Coffee properties

Coffee is a type of everyday drink, mainly in the early morning and after dinner. Although its nutritional value is practically nil, its main component is caffeine, exerting a stimulating action on the nervous system, heart, kidney and stomach. Among its most common effects we can find:

  • It has diuretic character.
  • It gently increases blood pressure.
  • Tone the heart.
  • It promotes the stimulation of brain activity.
  • It produces loss of sleep.

In general, the intake of two or three daily coffees do not generate any problem for the organism of a healthy person, although its consumption in excess can produce physical dependence.

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