It is generally believed that periodontal diseases, which affect the gums, are typical of adults. But gingivitis, the first stage of this oral pathology, is very frequent in children and adolescents and, according to experts confirmed by Vitaldent, has increased the number of young patients suffering from this disorder by up to 60%.

The medical director of Vitaldent, Gustavo Camañas, affirms that although before these diseases used to affect exclusively adults, now there are more and more cases of minors with inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

Regarding the cause of this high incidence, the experts make responsible the bad oral habits that are adopted during childhood. To which is added the presence of genetic factors, according to data from recent studies, which have shown that the children of people with periodontal diseases have a greater risk of suffering them also these problems.

In addition, the possibility of suffering from periodontal diseases multiplies during adolescence, mainly due to the lack of motivation to carry out an adequate oral hygiene. And is that from these ages the children are usually independent to brush their teeth, floss, or rinse with a mouthwash, so parents often do not supervise these practices and, in some cases, adolescents neglect .

Recent studies have shown that the children of people with periodontal diseases have a higher risk of suffering these problems

Experts warn that if these disorders are not treated from an early age, they can be the source of more serious diseases because bacteria invade the bone and tissue that surrounds the tooth quickly, and form small bags that cause premature fall of the teeth of the minor. In addition, an advanced form of periodontal disease may even be a symptom of an undiagnosed systemic disease.

For this reason, an early diagnosis is important to establish an effective treatment of periodontal diseases from an early age.


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