The anti-aging medicine has a great ally in genetic diagnosis, which allows identifying physical problems that could undermine the quality of life of those who suffer. In this way, acting in time to prevent future upheavals, it would be possible to delay the aging process of the population.

Experts gathered at the 10th International Congress of the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine (SEMAL), which has been held recently, have indicated that great progress is being made in genetic diagnosis and José Serres, president of SEMAL, has stressed the importance of having the possibility of modifying the lifestyle when the predisposition of the individual is known. to suffer certain conditions.

The genetic diagnosis allows to individualize the medicine, since the genetic constitution of each person conditions, both the affections that it suffers, and its response to the treatments

Is about predictive medicine, which is based on the premise that genetics influences a high percentage (25-35%) of the pathologies that a person can suffer, so changing the habits of that person can reduce the risk It has to develop certain diseases.

The genetic diagnosis, in addition, allows to individualize the medicine, since the genetic constitution of each person conditions, as much the affections that suffers, as his answer to the diverse possible treatments, and the secondary effects that the drugs can produce him.

Enlarge the life

Anti-aging treatments not only aim to prolong life expectancy, but also lower the biological age from the patients.

Genomics anti-aging medicine uses disciplines such as pharmacogenomics, which studies the patient's response to drugs; the nutrigenomics, which checks the results obtained with the diet according to the genetic constitution; and kinesiogenic, which observes the reactions of an individual, according to their genetics, against physical exercise. In addition, the influence of stress on genetics is investigated.

Specialists have observed that people who undergo anti-aging treatments can reduce their biological age up to eight years with respect to their chronological age. In addition to these treatments, to age in a healthy way experts advise to follow a balanced diet, control stress, and practice moderate physical exercise regularly.

The important thing is not only to give years of life, but to give life to the years, for that reason, anti-aging medicine aims to delay the onset or reduce the impact of all those pathologies associated with aging, as well as all the conditions that , without treating of illnesses proper, they only affect the majors as a result of their age.


The Art of Aging Well (November 2019).