A study included in the SUN Project (Follow-up University of Navarra) concludes that eating four or more servings of fried foods, or seven or more drinks with alcohol (beer or spirits), a week, implies a higher rate of overweight and obesity, both in men as in women.

The author of the work, Carmen Sayón, has used data from SUN - a complete nutrition study, which has counted with the participation of a large number of volunteers - that recorded the eating habits and lifestyle of more than 9,000 people, they had an average of 38 years of age, and have evaluated them for six years.

The excess of alcohol and fried foods had the same influence on the weight gain of men and women

Sayon's research has revealed that the consumption of alcohol included in liquors and beer, and the excessive intake of fried foods are related to a greater weight gain, but this does not happen when a lesser amount of alcohol is consumed, or in the case of drinking other beverages, such as red wine.

Better with virgin olive oil

Experts insist that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is moderate, and in no case be exceeded a daily cup for women, or two for men, and add that it is preferable that it is red wine.

Regarding the diet, you should try to cook the roasted, cooked, steamed or grilled foods, and limit the fried ones to no more than two servings per week and, in addition, choose the virgin olive oil for the frying.


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