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Fourth month of pregnancy

Week 15 of pregnancy

In the 15th or 15th week, the pregnancy continues, the discomfort and complications that occur are insignificant, there being joy in the face of the arrival of the future baby.The babyDuring week 15...
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Week 16 of pregnancy

There are many changes that can be seen in the week 16 of pregnancy, which highlights the perception of fetal movements and the joy that this brings to future dads.The babyIn week 16 of pregnancy,...
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Week 17 of pregnancy

The appearance of the fetus is increasingly similar to that of a newborn, although its face is not yet completely defined.The babyIn week 17 of pregnancy the fetus reaches an average size between...
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Week 14 of pregnancy

During week 14, the second trimester of pregnancy and, with it, a new stage in the development of the fetus.The babyThe fetus weighs about 30 grams and measures approximately 10 cm in length (about...
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