For the first time in the world, two uterine transplants have been successfully performed in which organ donors were the mothers of the patients who received it. The doctors who have carried out the intervention - in which more than ten surgeons have participated - belong to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). According to these specialists, both donors and recipients are well and will be discharged soon.

The patients who have received the wombs of their respective parents - two women around 30 years old - could not be mothers because they lacked this organ, since one of them had been born without it, and the other had to have it removed. cause of cervical cancer.

Before the transplant, the patients underwent fertilization in vitro, and their embryos were frozen to be implanted at the right time

The transplant has been made with the aim that in the future patients can get a pregnancy, therefore, before the intervention, both women underwent a procedure of fertilization in vitro, and subsequently the resulting embryos were frozen, so that they could be implanted when the doctors consider it appropriate. They will have to wait about a year for this to be possible and, according to specialists, one of the obstacles with what could be found is that the placenta does not develop properly.

However, the team that has carried out the interventions - which have been preceded by a large investigation that began in 1999 at the University of Gothenburg - is optimistic about the possibilities that patients have of having children , they explain, after a maximum of two pregnancies, it would be necessary to remove the uteri to prevent the appearance of complications such as the use of immunosuppressive drugs to avoid the rejection of the organs.

Uterus Transplant Animation Recipient (November 2019).