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Causes of accidents in the water

Every year around the world there are many accidents related to the aquatic environment, whether in beaches, pools, rivers and lakes, and even in the bathtubs of the houses themselves.The...
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What is a choking

The choking It happens when someone is suddenly blocked by the ways where the air must pass and can not breathe. It may be caused due to poor swallowing of food or clogging of objects. The difference...
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What is a digestion cut

Digestion is the process by which we obtain the nutrients from the food we eat. It starts at the moment food is introduced into the mouth and ends when the nutrients have been absorbed and the waste...
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What is an intoxication

A poisoning it is the entry of a toxic into the body in sufficient quantity to produce damage.We understand by toxic substance that when it is in a certain concentration in the organism of living...
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Priorities: PAS behavior

Helping a wounded person is a moral obligation that exists in society, as a code of solidarity that makes human beings take care of each other. The first aid in case of traffic accident they aim to...
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What is and how the freezing occurs?

As its name suggests, the freezing is a serious injury suffered by tissues as a result of exposure to Extreme cold.When there is a climate of extreme cold, there are injuries in the tissues that are...
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Remove a drowning victim from water

In situations of Aquatic rescue, if we are on a beach, lake or river, when they reach the shore they carry out first aid procedures to solve other problems, such as traumatic injuries, wounds ... or...
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Sighting and approaching a drowning victim

The sighting of a drowned man It happens when someone is observed in the distance in the water that shows signs of being in trouble, or when an event has been witnessed and the victim needs to be...
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What to do when an insect bites

The general measures of action for most bites and insect bites are:Remove the sting, if present, scraping with the back of a credit card or some other straight edge object. Do not use tweezers, as...
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How to act before a burn

These are some of the steps we must take when trying to give first aid to a person who presents Burns:The immediate assistance of the burn is simply to eliminate the cause of the burn: extinguish the...
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