Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colorado, in the United States, have found that people who undergo liposuction go back to accumulate fat just one year after the operation, although this is redistribute by different body areas, especially in the upper part of the abdomen.

Scientists have published their findings in the journal Obesity, after an investigation that had for object to refute the idea that the liposucciones, that are practiced from 1974, serve to get rid of the fat for always.

Robert H. Eckel, one of the authors of the study, points out that this data is interesting for scientists because it shows that there are mechanisms whose functioning is unknown, which are responsible for regulating the levels of fat in the body.

First, they tested their hypothesis in rodents, observing that the eliminated fat returned, in the same way that people recover their usual weight after having lost weight for various reasons.

The authors of the study believe that the brain has some way of knowing the amount of fat that is in the body, and try to be always the same

Eckel explains that they believe that the brain has some way of knowing how much fat there is in the body, and that it tries to establish a balance so that that amount remains unchanged. Hence the importance of preventing obesity.

The researcher insists that liposuction is not a technique used to lose weight, although the patients analyzed in the study were satisfied with the results achieved with the procedure, despite the return of fat.

Source: EUROPE PRESS, Tummy Tuck Procedure (November 2019).