According to experts, the most effective way to combat facial aging and achieve appreciable results that also last over time, is to undergo surgery. This type of plastic surgery is the most common in our country, especially the one that corrects imperfections of eyelids, nose and ears, in addition to lifting facial.

The Teaching Foundation of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Repaired and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE), has recently held a meeting in Barcelona, ​​which has been attended by many specialists, as well as doctors who are training in the specialty of Plastic Surgery. An initiative that, according to the president of SECPRE, Dr. Jaume Masià, aims to promote safety and quality in clinical practice to offer patients the best possible treatment.

With the lifting now better results are obtained, giving patients a more natural and lasting appearance and, what is very important, without modifying their physiognomy

The coordinator of the event, Dr. Antonio Tapia, explained that the advances that have occurred in the knowledge of the anatomy of the face have allowed to fully understand the aging process, which ranges from the bone structure of the individual to the muscles and the distribution of fat, and other elements that are also affected by the passage of time. This knowledge has favored the evolution of facial surgery techniques, which intervene on all facial structures. An example of the progress made is the lifting, with which better results are now obtained, giving patients a more natural and lasting appearance and, which is very important, without modifying their physiognomy.

The specialist has pointed out that although non-invasive aesthetic treatments can be considered a complement to surgery, given that the facial aging process affects not only the superficial level, but also the internal structures of the face, the only anti-aging technique that has proven its long-term effectiveness is facial surgery.

Source: SECPRE

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