Carrying a kit with the most necessary things whenever we go on a trip would help to avoid health problems. Therefore, experts recommend that, regardless of the chosen destination, always add a traveler's kit to the luggage, especially if accompanied by children.

The kit should include painkillers, remedies for diarrhea and dizziness, gauze, scissors, saline, a thermometer, insect repellent and a broad spectrum antibiotic, among other basic things. In addition, it is convenient to carry the most essential items, such as medications that are usually taken in case the traveler suffers from a chronic illness and analgesics, and leave in the suitcase that which is used only sporadically.

The most frequent disorders in summer are insect or jellyfish stings, diarrhea and dehydration. Sun protection is essential on the beach, but you should not forget it as long as you stay outdoors, even in the countryside, on the mountain, or in visits to cities, and especially protect children, for whom it is advisable use a factor 50 pediatric sunscreen, explains Dr. José Cordero. In addition, if you are going to frequent beaches where there may be jellyfish, it is advisable to bring physiological saline with which to wash the wound if an attack occurs, and also an antihistamine.

Lamb remembers that extreme precautions must be taken in the face of temperature rises to prevent dehydration, to have oral serum and, if dehydration occurs, to prepare a homemade alkaline lemonade with mineral water (one liter), two squeezed lemons, a little sugar and another salt; a quick and easy method to rehydrate.

It is convenient to include a broad-spectrum antibiotic in the vacation kit, especially if we go abroad

Cordero adds that, although we should not self-medicate, it is necessary to include a broad spectrum antibiotic in the kit, which is especially indicated when we travel abroad, but first checking that we are not allergic to the medication.

If you travel to countries whose sanitary conditions are deficient, the doctor recommends first requesting information at the international vaccination centers about the possible necessary vaccines and other precautions that must be taken before, during, and after the trip. This way we will know if it is necessary to prophylaxis against diseases such as yellow fever or malaria.


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