In recent decades, scientists have detected a decrease in semen quality, which has driven several studies with the aim of identifying the cause, which could be related to changes in lifestyle.

Now, a recent study carried out by researchers from the University of Córdoba has shown that men who practice moderate physical activity they manage to improve the hormonal levels and the quality of the sperm, in such a way that it also increases their fertility, in comparison with the sedentary men.

A study shows that men who practice moderate physical activity have better hormone levels and a higher quality semen

The scientists, whose conclusions have been published in 'European Journal of Applied Physiology', selected a group of 31 men and evaluated characteristics of their semen, such as the volume expelled in each ejaculation and the amount of sperm that it contained, as well as their mobility and morphology. The authors of the study also analyzed the hormones FSH, LH, testosterone (T), cortisol (C), and T / C, because they offer more information about the environment in which sperm is formed and the state of the body .

It was noted that best seminological values and the most favorable hormonal factors to have a good reproductive capacity were those of individuals who regularly practiced physical activity.

Diana Vaamonde, the researcher who has directed the work, explained that although the population sample analyzed is small, it is the first study that compares these factors between physically active individuals and sedentary individuals.

According to the expert, who in 2010 published another study that associated competitive sport, which requires intense training, with worse sperm parameters, the data from the latest work suggest that moderate exercise practice could favor hormone levels and the production of quality sperm.

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