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Exercise and sport

Adolescence, a stage of changes

The quality of life of people, as well as their predisposition to suffer from numerous diseases, has a clear relationship with the usual practice or not of physical exercise. Sport avoids the...
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Benefits of physical exercise

Performing a regular and systematic physical activity has proven to be a very beneficial practice in the prevention, development and rehabilitation of health, while helping character, discipline and...
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What is the Feldenkrais method

Many times we seek outside of us the solution to deal with different problems and we forget the power we have to "put our batteries". Stress, the rush with which we do everything in these crazy...
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Precautions for playing sports on the beach

A few churros for breakfast, a few servings with cane at the beach bar, an ice cream in the middle of the afternoon and finishing the night with drinks with family or friends ... For many people,...
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What is a muscle strain?

A muscle strain is the partial or complete tear of muscle fibers, which break, in greater or lesser amounts, depending on the violence of the gesture causing the injury. The tear can be so small that...
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Risk factors for injuries

The negative side of sport is undoubtedly in the sports injuries. It is important to know how we can avoid these inconveniences or, at least, if they have already occurred, to know the best way to...
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Preparation to run the San Silvestre

The San Silvestre Vallecana (and all those held in Spanish territory) is by right a consecrated career, indicated in the calendar of professional and novice athletes. 10 km of crowded streets, 10 km...
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What are stress fractures?

A fracture is considered to be the lack of continuity in a bone structure. In most cases, these fractures are the result of traumatic actions. In the case of stress fractures, the result is given by...
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Benefits of joining the gym

As every year after Christmas, and in most cases as a result of the excesses of these, or even the return of the holidays, after having compared with the 'bodies Danone' of the beach, thousands of...
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Swimming benefits

There is no doubt that the swimming has been gaining followers in recent years, and not only for its health benefits, but also because it is one of the sports practices that best suits the qualities...
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