An investigation carried out with women in the Brigham hospital in Boston (United States), has revealed that an elevated intake of sodium and sweetened soft drinks deteriorate the kidneys.

The scientists carried out tests on more than 3000 women who participated in the Nurses' Health Study, in order to identify the impact that sodium and sugary drinks had on the functioning of the kidneys.

Two studies were done. In the first the influence of the nutrients that are ingested in an individual diet on renal function was examined for more than 11 years. In the second trial the relationship between the consumption of sugary drinks and artificially sweetened soft drinks with the operation of the kidneys was studied.

In both cases it was revealed that there was a greater decline in kidney function of those women who had consumed a high amount of nutrients with sodium and more than two sweetened beverages per day compared to those who made a normal consumption of these foods.

In both investigations age, total calorie consumption, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, the practice of physical exercise and the presence of cardiovascular diseases were taken into account.

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