"In an ordinary gynecological review I have been found a lump to be removed. Luckily, doctors give good prognosis, but I'm going to stay out of circulation for a few days ". With these words, the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, announced this morning at the end of a public event that suffers from breast cancer that will keep her away from political life for an indeterminate time.

She herself, sensibly moved, has recognized that it is a cancer, "A disease as curable as the others, but as it is symptom-free many times when you do not do prevention, it takes you late, luckily mine is caught in an ordinary and timely review." Aguirre has taken the opportunity to remember the importance of prevention in this type of case. "So, I want to appeal to all citizens, men and women, but especially to women to have their gynecologists check them, because in this case there is a lot of discovery and it is practically curable, in all cases. But you have to do the check-ups, it's very unpleasant to have mammograms but you have to do them.

In our country there are about 22,000 new cases of breast cancer per year, according to AECC data. Most of them (between 80 and 90%) can be cured if detected early. Mammography is the simplest and most effective method to achieve it, since it allows you to discover lesions in the breast up to two years before they are palpable. Of course, this allows to select less invasive treatments in women, which also leads to fewer physical and mental sequelae.

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Source: Copywriting / Agencies

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