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Pollution, cause of premature aging

The contamination of the environment and the toxic substances that we ingest or inhale, especially if we add frequent exposure to stressful situations, not only affect our Health (It is estimated...
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What is tidal energy

The sea it is one of the main sources of human resources and, since the middle of the last century, this natural environment also serves to generate electricity from the power released by the upward...
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How is tidal energy obtained?

The electricity that is achieved from the Seawater energy it requires large engineering projects. We are talking about gigantic turbines, whose movement transfers its power to electric generators...
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Disadvantages of tidal energy

The Seawater energy It falls within the category of renewable energies and is not polluting, however, not everything related to it is good news. It also presents some inconveniences, among which it...
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Advantages of tidal energy

Although the exploitation of Alternative energy is not as widespread as others, projects that already exist have shown some advantages of tidal energy significant, such as:It is a renewable energy,...
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