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Eighth month of pregnancy

Week 32 of pregnancy

Arrival 32 week of pregnancy, the fetus could leave the uterus in a premature delivery, although corticoids are usually injected to ensure complete lung maturation.The babyThe most important organs...
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Week 35 of pregnancy

In the week 35 of pregnancy it is normal to be able to advance the delivery, since both the baby and the mother are prepared for it, although it is better that the baby continue to develop in the...
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Week 34 of pregnancy

The week 34 of pregnancy, can be considered as the beginning of the final straight. The baby is ready to be born and the future parents They must have everything ready to receive you.The babyDuring...
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Week 33 of pregnancy

It is the most annoying period for the mother, especially if she is new, since she does not expect some discomfort that she had not had in the previous weeks.The babyDuring the week 33 of pregnancy,...
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Week 36 of pregnancy

The mother will be tremendously upset this week, while the baby begins its descent towards the exit of the uterus.The babyWith each contraction, the baby will lower and will fit more and more into...
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