Half of the people infected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in our country are diagnosed with delay, and it is estimated that around 35,000 are unaware of being infected. On October 20, the 'World HIV Testing Day', this year aims to highlight the importance of being tested for AIDS, since the delay in diagnosis is detrimental to both the affected, who will start treatment later, and the rest of the population that can be exposed to the transmission of the virus by those who still do not know they are infected.

Early diagnosis is key to stopping the spread of AIDS because, as warned, Udiárraga García, president of CESIDA, more than half of new infections are due to 25% of individuals who were already infected without knowing it.

Exists a quick test that could be used in the health system, especially to detect possible infection in groups of people with risk factors, such as sex workers or injecting drug users. This test is confidential and free, and it is not necessary to have a health card to access it.

In Spain, 4,000 new HIV infections are detected every year, and this is why the 'Think Positive' campaign, launched on 'World HIV Test Day', wants to emphasize that this test is considered a routine analysis and normalize and extend its use.


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