Mothers of the world, free way to beer without alcohol. Not only does it allow you to enjoy a refreshing straw without fear of the effects of alcohol, but it is also good for breast milk. A research carried out by the Pediatrics group of the Foundation for Research at the Doctor Peset University Hospital and the Department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Valencia, has revealed that including alcohol-free beer in the diet of nursing mothers to increase the antioxidant capacity of their milk by 30 percent.

The purpose of the research was to demonstrate that the natural antioxidant capacity of breast milk could be increased by incorporating a product rich in antioxidants, such as non-alcoholic beer, into the usual diet of breastfeeding women. With the increase of antioxidant power it is intended that babies who enjoy this type of food are more protected against the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Including beer without alcohol in the diet of nursing mothers increases the antioxidant capacity of their milk by 30 percent

The researchers observed that when women took a daily supplement of 660 milliliters of non-alcoholic beer, the antioxidant properties of their milk were maintained and prolonged, and that in blood and urine samples they also had an increase in their antioxidant defense, compared to women who did not take this supplement. They also verified that the urine of the babies fed with the milk of these women had a lower level of molecules associated with oxidative stress.


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