According to data from a study of the University College of London "Wellcome Trust Center of Neuroimaging", dopamine affects when making decisions, influencing us to decide for one or another option.

The data from this trial have been published in the journal "Current Biology", demonstrating a direct relationship between the action of dopamine and the influence it has when we have to make complex decisions.


3D illustration of a dopamine molecule

It is a chemical compound that is formed from the amino acids tyrosine and DOPA (dihydroxyphenylalanine). It has great importance as a nerve transmitter in different areas of the brain.

For the study, researchers conducted tests to 61 people, who asked them to measure their expectations of happiness based on the choice of a destination or another holiday, which included countries such as Greece or Thailand.

The participants were given L-DOPA or placebo and were required to imagine themselves spending a vacation in each of those places. The results of the trial were clear: the rates of the particular destinations increased after being imagined under the influence of the L-DOPA.

The head of the study, Tali Sharot, explained that human beings make extremely complex decisions compared to other animals, such as choosing a specific job or place of residence, where to spend vacations, when to start a family, and so on. the objective of the study was to verify the extent to which dopamine influenced these decisions.

dopamine decisions explained (November 2019).