The consequences of the economic crisis: unemployment or job insecurity, lack of resources to cover basic needs, and poor future prospects, negatively affect the emotional health of people, who may suffer disorders such as stress, anxiety or depression.

The psychologists who are in charge of the psychological care program of Sanitas Responde affirm that since the beginning of the current economic crisis the number of people using this service has increased, and that more than 80% of the patients they attend are women.

Those over 60 are the most affected by depressive symptoms and stress, because they feel responsible for providing assistance to members of their family with financial difficulties

The Medical Director of the Health Promotion Service of Sanitas, Dr. Clara Esteban, explains that they have observed a notable increase in people with symptoms such as sadness, anguish, discouragement and worry, directly related to economic or labor problems and unemployment situations. Depression is the most frequent disorder - it affects 34% of people who request this psychological care service - followed by anxiety or stress (30%).

These specialists have also found that people over 60 are the most affected, both by depressive symptoms, as stress, and attribute it to that they feel responsible for providing help to family members -generally their children- who have economic difficulties.

83% of women seek help to solve their psychological problems, while only 17.4% of men do. According to Dr. Esteban, some people do not pay attention to their symptoms, and many of those who do ask for help do not know what is happening to them and need to identify the disorder they are suffering from. The expert recommends that all those who are in this situation consult a professional, because these disorders can be resolved with the appropriate help, and with the support of a psychologist can achieve an emotional balance that contributes to improve their quality of life.

DFW Assessment-Psychological Evaluation Overview (November 2019).