In Spain, four out of ten adults have high cholesterol levels, an important risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases, because it is a substance that, in excess, accumulates in the arteries, obstructing them. However, and despite the fact that it can be controlled with a balanced diet -rica in typical foods of the Mediterranean diet such as fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, legumes and cereals and, of course, olive oil-, accompanied by the regular practice of physical exercise, and avoiding harmful habits such as tobacco, a recent study reveals that 68 percent of Spaniards do not change their style of life to prevent the increase of the cholesterol level.

A recent study reveals that 68 percent of Spaniards do not modify their lifestyle to avoid raising the level of cholesterol

On the occasion of the celebration of World Health Day 2012, which raises the challenges facing health in the face of population aging, with the aim of establishing strategies to improve the quality of years of life, the experts wanted to draw attention to the problem posed by the increase of the levels of cholesterol in blood, something that is natural to happen as we get older, but that we can all control with healthy habits.

People with hypercholesterolemia do not manifest symptoms, therefore, specialists recommend performing a blood test to check cholesterol levels. The coordinator of the Lipids Group of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), Dr. Ángel Díaz Rodríguez, recommends that men perform the first analysis before age 35 and, starting at age 45, repeat this Test regularly. In the case of women, the first control should be carried out before the age of 45, and periodically starting at age 55.

The expert of the NUSA Program, Meritxell Gómez, explains that to be constant in the care of the diet - eliminating the foods rich in saturated fats and using the plate, the oven, the cooking or the steam, for cooking -, and to practice daily exercise moderate intensity physical, is the best way to maintain a good cholesterol level and take care of our heart.

Source: NUSA Program

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