Team sports, such as amateur soccer, provided that they are practiced in a controlled manner and under the supervision of an adult, they represent benefits for children that go beyond their physical well-being and, according to experts, enhance their cognitive capacity and contribute to improving their academic performance.

Two new investigations support the benefits that this type of sports can bring to children. Thus, according to a study carried out in the Netherlands, at the University of Vrije, physical activity, in addition to promoting cardiac function, contributes to increasing the levels of endorphins and to improve the connection between neurons, which positively influences the intellectual activity of children.

Children who practice this sport are instilled with a series of values, such as discipline, effort and the spirit of improvement, which can also be applied in other areas of life, such as studying

The results obtained in another study carried out by the Observatory of Behavioral Studies of Esade and the Danone company, show a change of attitude in children who start practicing sports, since 37% of them get better grades than their children. companions. And according to the University Institute of Physical Activity Sciences also increases up to 25% their cognitive performance compared to those who do not play sports.

This can be explained, according to the director of the Marcet Foundation football school, because children who practice this sport are taught a number of values, such as discipline, effort, the spirit of self-improvement, respect and companionship, They can also apply in other areas of life and, of course, in the study. Team sports, according to this expert, help children to be more humble and to be able to recognize their mistakes; his attitude towards work and study improves and, with that, his performance also improves.

However, he warns, it is necessary for these children to be directed by professionals who, in addition to shaping their sports skills, inculcate the values ​​mentioned above, and remind them that it is more important to study than to score goals. Playing football on the street, without proper guidance from an adult, can distract them from their studies and have negative consequences on their education.

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