Traffic accidents continue to be the leading cause of infant mortality in Spain, and the Spanish Association of Products for Children (ASEPRI) insists on the need to use child restraint systems in automobiles because they can avoid between 50 and 80 percent of fatal and serious injuries. 37% of the children who died in 2010 were not protected by any of these devices.

Millions of trips take place this time of year, due to the return of the holidays of those who left in July, and the exit operation August, and for this reason, the president of ASEPRI, Vicente Mompó Buchón, believes that it is necessary to raise society's awareness of the need for a culture of child safety on the trip, because it is very common for parents to make mistakes when placing the child in the car and, although most have the appropriate safety devices, sometimes they do not know how to use them, so in the end they are ineffective.

The expert stressed that children should not travel without a child restraint system or without a safety belt, even on short trips

The expert stressed that children should not travel without a child restraint system or without a seat belt, even on short trips, and recalled that it is mandatory for children to use these devices at least until they measure 135 centimeters. Mompó emphasizes that the child must travel in a booster seat until the safety belt, designed for the size of adults, fits correctly, so that his head is at all times protected by the headrest of the vehicle.

How to choose a good child restraint system

To be able to choose the appropriate child seat, the weight and height of the child should be taken into account, and not so much the age, which is merely indicative, and check that the device is homologated with the ECE identification R44 / 04.

Mompó advises placing the child restraint system in the middle of the rear seat, considering this area as the safest because it is further away from the possible impact areas if an accident occurs, and adds that it is best for the baby to travel in the opposite direction to the march while its size allows it.

He also warned that the child seat should never be installed facing backwards in front of a airbag frontal, and that it is dangerous for the child to draw his arms out of the safety harnesses or straps.

The president of ASEPRI discourages the use of child restraint systems that were installed in a car at the time of an accident, so when a second-hand seat is used, it must be verified that it has all its original parts and its manual. instructions.


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