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Child education

Advice for parents about punishments

When thinking about punishments for childrenIn the first place, parents must be aware of the professionals who can advise us at all times about how we can act in cases of disruptive behavior in our...
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How to punish in an educational or useful way?

Before punish a child It is advisable that when your behavior starts to be a problem you will be warned of this and of the possibility that if you do not remit your behavior will be punished. Thus,...
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Activities to enjoy slow parenting

The free time of our children is another of the issues to be addressed in order to achieve slow parenting wave breeding to simmer. They have to have a sufficient and quality leisure, with activities...
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Benefits of slow parenting for children

According to numerous studies and research, children they are suffering more stress, even at very young ages (from five or six years). This is worrisome in itself but, in addition, we must bear in...
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