Oscar-winning British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, known for her roles in the Mask of Zorro, Traffic, Chicago or intolerable Cruelty, and for being the wife of actor Michael Douglas, has been in a mental health center for five days. consequence of a bipolar disorder. Apparently, the actress is about to undertake new projects and wanted to know if she was prepared to face them, so she went to a review.

Apparently, stress could be behind this picture, a mood disorder that is usually characterized by the presence of one or more episodes that alternate abnormally high levels of energy and cognition with mood lows and depressive symptoms. As explained by the spokesman for Zeta-Jones, "after dealing with the stress of last year, Catherine made the decision to enter a mental health center, for a short period of time, to receive treatment and overcome her bipolar disorder." "Catherine already feels great and is looking forward to start working on her two new films this week," added the representative of the beautiful actress in statements to People !.

Her relatives have commented that the illness of her husband, diagnosed a few months ago of throat cancer, which is already recovering, would have affected her more than necessary and aggravated her own disorder. "The hardest part has been to see his fatigue every day because Michael had never been tired before," Zeta-Jones has commented on occasion.

Source: EP

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Her Battle with Bipolar Disorder (November 2019).