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When we wean the puppy

Normally a puppy is ready for the weaning at the sixth week of life, but if it stays with its mother, it is normal for it to begin to nibble and taste the food of it, beginning the weaning process...
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What is the 'fruit for food'

The 'Fruit for food' consists of assuming the costs of boarding, boxing, feeding, vaccines, hardware and veterinary of a horse that does not belong to us, in exchange for being able to mount it as...
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What food is most appropriate for your dog

The dogs they need a complete and balanced diet so that their feeding optimal, and feed they fulfill that function perfectly. Therefore, you should avoid rewarding them or making exceptions in their...
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What foods are prohibited for dogs?

The following list lists the foods that are prohibited for dogs because they are toxic to them, even in small doses, and in these animals they trigger symptoms that can become deadly, or that entail...
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Why you have to cut the nails to cats

With their nail the cats they communicate, relate, and climb or hunt. They are so important to them that their caregivers must always ensure they are healthy and taken care of. For this, nothing...
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