If before women were the main users of aesthetic applications of Botox, experts have shown a significant increase in the number of men who opt for this product to solve their aesthetic complaints. And is that men increasingly turn to Botox to eliminate wrinkles such as between the eyebrows and as a treatment of hyperhidrosis to correct excess sweating in the armpits.

Ten years have passed since the approval of the use of Botox for aesthetic purposes, although its therapeutic properties to treat certain diseases were known much earlier. The Botulinum toxin It works by inhibiting the acetylcholine present in the nerve endings, and this causes the muscles to relax and prevents the formation of wrinkles of expression, which are those that appear when we contract the muscles and cause the appearance of folds in the skin.

The average age of people who turn to Botox to attenuate wrinkles of expression is 30 years

Antonio Muñoz, specialist in aesthetic medicine at the London Clinic explains that men usually have thicker skin than women, and that as a result their wrinkles are also more pronounced. According to this expert, the average age of people who turn to Botox to attenuate wrinkles of expression is 30 years, although remember that this depends a lot on the characteristics of the skin of each individual.

The treatment with Botox begins to take effect after two or three days of its application, and serves to attenuate wrinkles while preserving the expressiveness of the face. Although botulinum toxin rarely presents adverse side effects, the expert warns that before injecting the patient this substance is necessary to make a clinical record to verify that its use does not present contraindications. And he adds that this treatment does not require special care, but that you should avoid sun exposure for a few days and follow all the specialist's recommendations.

Botox injections: What to expect (November 2019).