After examining 40 kinds of beer from different parts of the world, a group of scientists from the University of Valladolid has found that black beer has a higher concentration of free iron than blonde and those that do not contain alcohol. According to the data of the study, black beer presents an average amount of iron of 121 ppb (parts per billion), while the blonde only has 92 ppb, and 63 ppb those that do not contain alcohol 63.

In the investigation, whose results are published in Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, It is explained that this difference could be due to the raw materials or to the different production techniques of the different varieties of beer. For example, to produce black beer specific malt and hops extracts are used, while to make the blonde beer it is filtered with a porous material that retains the iron, so the concentration of the metal decreases.

The concentration of iron influences the quality and stability of the final product, and gives each variety of beer characteristic organoleptic properties

With regard to non-alcoholic beer, a process is used to manufacture alcohol that consists of vacuum evaporation, a process with which iron ions are also easily destroyed.

It is important to determine what concentration of iron and other minerals has beer because not only are essential substances for proper functioning of the human body, but also directly affect the quality and stability of the final product, providing characteristic organoleptic properties (flavor , texture, smell) to each variety of beer.

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