We give you ten great reasons to encourage you to incorporate algae into your diet. These are your health benefits:

  • They contain healthy fats: In addition to not having saturated fats, algae provide 5% unsaturated fats essential for the body.
  • They are rich in fiber: They regulate the functions of the intestinal tract, are slightly laxative and help to avoid constipation.
  • They purify the organism: its content in alginic acid, non-digestible, eliminates the toxins that can accumulate in the intestine.
  • They moderate the sensation of hunger: the algae increase in size when they come into contact with water, hence they are an ideal complement in weight loss treatments or low calorie diets. Taken before meals with a glass of water, increase the feeling of filling the stomach, which will encourage us to eat less.
  • They regulate the thyroid: to be rich in iodine, regulate the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, responsible for the balance of our metabolic and hormonal system.
  • They are good for vision: Almost all the algae have a high content of vitamin A and, therefore, are recommended to improve eyesight and prevent diseases of this nature. For example, the Spirulina multiply the vitamin A content of the carrot by ten.
  • Protect the intestinal flora: for its large amount of mucilage, especially in the agar-agar seaweed, its daily intake protects the gastric mucosa, regulates the functions of the large intestine, and softens the fibers of other foods making them more digestible.
  • They are beneficial against hypertension: precisely its high sodium content will help you to use the salt shaker less if you use it to flavor and complete some of your dishes.
  • They complement the mineral levels: They are perfect for those people who have a certain mineral or vitamin deficit. Its composition rich in potassium, iodine, sodium, calcium, iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and C will be a perfect cocktail to increase mood and vitality.
  • They are digestive: They provide easily digested proteins, are involved in the assimilation of the fibers of certain products, and help the intestine to process food.

BlueGreen Algae Health Benefits (September 2019).