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Rituximab, effective for the skin disorder known as pemphigus

A study published in the magazine The New England Journal of Medicine, supported by the French Society of Dermatology and by Roche, analyzes the treatment of pemphigus with rituximab, a monoclonal...
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Increase the number of addicts to prescription drugs

The death of some celebrities in certain circumstances, as in the case of singer Michael Jackson, has aroused the interest of the United Nations drug control agency on the abuse of prescription drugs...
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54% of the population keeps the leftover medicines in the kit

A study conducted by SIGRE Medicamento y Medio Ambiente reveals that 48% of the Spanish population keeps the remains of medicines without their box or leaflet, which could cause possible misuse of...
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Botox fights the first bite syndrome

Botox or botulinum toxin, a substance produced by bacteria Clostridium botulinum, is usually used to treat problems of spasticity (resistance offered by a muscle or muscle group to its stretch) but,...
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Faith helps prolong life expectancy

According to data from one of more than 250 studies conducted on the relationship between praying and health, people who exercise regularly, take drugs to reduce cholesterol and pray, can increase...
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The only guarantee for not having a hangover is not to drink

During the Christmas holidays triple the amount of alcohol consumed during the rest of the year, and folk remedies against hangovers lack scientific basis, although some improve symptoms. Therefore,...
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Urgencies and hospital admissions increase by 25% at Christmas

Christmas brings with it meetings with family and friends, social commitments and purchases that, in most cases, lead to abuse of food and drink, and cause extraordinary expenses and a great waste of...
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Smoking fattening

The University of Navarra, with the collaboration of the Carlos III Health Institute, has conducted a study over more than four years, in which 7,500 people have participated, to assess the...
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The purchase of medicines over the Internet is not safe

The Medical Association of Madrid has shown its concern about the increase in the sale of medicines over the Internet, which they consider a risk to the health of the population. Madrilenian doctors...
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Psychotherapy can help relieve back pain

The psychotherapy sessions they include relaxation techniques and new ways to stay active. If the improvement in the patient's quality of life is taken into account, psychotherapy is relatively...
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