The low back pain it is a condition that, as Dr. Cayetano Alegre warns, of the Rheumatology Service of the Dexeus University Institute, is increasing its incidence in Spanish children and adolescents, mainly because of the bad habits that decisively influence the appearance of low back pain, like the childhood obesity that, in Spain, reaches a rate of 20%.

Carrying excessive loads, as often happens to schoolchildren, who carry overloaded bags and backpacks, sedentary lifestyle, improperly and unsupervised sports, and the high heels that some teenagers wear, are other factors that most they influence so that the youngest ones develop back pain that, in addition, can be prolonged until the adult age.

Obesity, carrying excessive loads, sedentary lifestyle, playing sports improperly, and wearing high heels, among the factors that most influence children and adolescents to develop back pain

Experts estimate that around 90% of the population will suffer at least one low back pain in the course of their lives, a problem that is at the top of the causes of work disability, and that will reappear if the problems that have triggered are not corrected the episode of pain.

Dr. Alegre notes that we must distinguish between acute back pain and chronic low back pain. In the first case, the trigger is a muscle contraction in the lumbar area usually caused by overexertion, a lowering of defenses, weakness, anxiety ... However, chronic low back pain is associated with an alteration -congenital or acquired- of the spine that generates a functional overload in the back that can produce pain.

Low back pain, it is best to prevent

Experts agree that it is best to take precautions to avoid the onset of low back pain, therefore, from the Spanish Society of Rheumatology influence the importance of the population adopting some basic hygienic-postural measures, such as bending the knees to duck, and learn to gain weight, walk and sit properly. They also recommend sleeping on their side and with a pillow, but that is not excessively high.

Practicing moderate exercise on a regular basis is also a good way to prevent low back pain, especially if it is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the spine, so that it supports the bone structure. The exercises specially indicated by the experts are swimming, Pilates, and performing muscle stretches soft and progressive.

When it comes to acute low back pain, which occurs after an effort, it does not usually require medical consultation, since the pain usually disappears in a couple of days with the help of analgesics or muscle relaxants, remaining at rest and applying heat in the area. painful In certain cases, however, it is necessary to go to the doctor. It is necessary to consult if the pain is intense for more than two or three days, or the back pain lasts more than ten days, if the discomfort persists even if the patient is at rest or, even, interfere with their rest, or if the pain It is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, anorexia, weight loss, depression ... Also when the pain appears after a sudden crunch, or if it radiates towards the leg or the patient has a tingling sensation.

Dr. Alegre warns that there are still a number of misconceptions about the reasons why back pain occurs and notes, for example, that in most cases the herniated disc causes no symptoms, and that patients with osteoporosis do not feel pain, unless they suffer a vertebral fracture as a result of this degenerative pathology. The expert states that the patient's medical history and physical examination are the most reliable means to diagnose the problem that has generated low back pain, although currently available imaging tests such as radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, scanning, scintigraphy and electromyography, which are used in case of doubt. In addition, medications to treat pain have improved a lot, are very effective, and have fewer unwanted side effects.

Source: Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER)

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