80% of the world population will suffer some episode of lumbar pain during his life, one of the most frequent reasons for which he goes to the doctor and that, sometimes, also requires surgical intervention. 90% of lumbar pain may originate in the intervertebral discs, and most of the time these pathologies are related to age and weakening of the musculature. The expert in neurosurgery, José García Cosamalón, explains that back pain is one of the most frequent reasons why the doctor is seen, which in many cases also requires surgery, and warns that if no action is taken, lumbar pathologies will be a significant economic expense, as is already the case in the United States, where the care of patients with degenerative problems of the spine is the second highest health expenditure, after cancer.

To prevent the appearance of these pathologies, José García Cosamalón has pointed out the need to adopt healthy habits such as the regular practice of physical exercise and appropriate postural hygiene since childhood.

Recommendations for back pain

At present, people spend most of their time at work where, unconsciously, positions are adopted that overload the back, causing the usual pains in the cervical and lumbar area. The goal is to avoid overloading the back and reduce the risk of painful crises.

Back pain can be caused by a condition of the spine (of the vertebrae or intervertebral discs), but most often the pain is of mechanical origin and not traumatic, as a result of deficient musculature.

The best way to avoid and treat back pain is:

  • Practice physical exercise on a regular basis.
  • Do not remain sedentary.
  • Adopt postural hygiene guidelines.

*CHRONIC* Low Back Pain fixed by FULL BODY Chiropractic Adjustment (November 2019).