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Benefits of breastfeeding

The mammary glands are prepared for lactation since adolescence where an increase in the size of the breasts, areola and nipple is experienced.The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy cause...
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Rotavirus gastroenteritis, what is

The Acute gastroenteritis (GEA) it is a condition of generally infectious origin, which is accompanied by an excessive loss of water and electrolytes, through the gastrointestinal tract, by means of...
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Factors to consider when choosing daycare

Bringing the child to the nursery becomes a necessity when both parents work and no other family member can take care of the baby, but it is also an opportunity for the child to relate to other...
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When the baby's teething begins

The process of dentition It usually begins after three months of age, although some babies get a tooth during their first weeks of life or, even, they are born with one or two teeth. But more often...
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Are extracurricular activities convenient?

Most parents want their children to complete their training by participating in extracurricular activities. This type of activities also serve to lengthen the school day of children, so that their...
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X-ray of school failure

Three out of ten students do not finish compulsory education in Spain. But are the causes of this high school failure rate known? And, what is more important, is it possible to prevent this problem...
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Fear of separation on the first day of daycare

We have chosen the center that most convinces us, we have visited a couple of times, they have explained to us what their adaptation method is, and D has a date. Anxious, worried? The first day of...
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A little history of video games for children

They will undoubtedly be the star of Christmas, because the video game They have become the entertainment king of the little ones in the house. But choosing well and knowing their recommendations for...
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Fever in children

The childhood fever is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in Pediatrics, both in health centers and in Emergency Services and, without a doubt, is one of the causes that cause more...
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Home dangers for the baby

Falls, poisonings, burns ... your house has become a potential source of danger for your baby. It is advisable to check all the rooms to rule out possible traps. And is that most accidents in...
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