Musical concerts are part of the summer leisure activities of many people, especially the youngest ones. And something that is not usually taken into account is that exposure to the high levels of sound usual in an event of this type can be harmful to the ears. A precautionary measure as simple as putting plugs, can reduce the intensity of the sound enough to avoid hearing health problems.

During a rock concert, for example, you can reach 110 decibels, while the maximum recommended level should not exceed 65 decibels. This 'excess sound' can have an effect on the health of the ears and cause a transient loss of hearing, to a permanent hearing disorder.

During a rock concert you can reach 110 decibels, while the maximum recommended level should not exceed 65 decibels

After a few hours in a disco, or another place where the noise level is too intense, it is common to suffer ringing in the ears, an annoyance that usually subsides in a short period of time, but in the event that it is prolonged should alert us to the possibility of having suffered a more serious acoustic trauma, and it is convenient in this case to consult a specialist.

One of the causes of hearing loss (hearing loss) is prolonged exposure to loud sounds or noises; For this reason, GAES experts have prepared a list of recommendations to prevent your ears from getting injured, and so you can enjoy the concerts without fear of their consequences.

Protect your ears with earplugs during concerts: these devices allow to reduce around 25 decibels in the intensity of the sound we perceive, and mark the difference between an acceptable level or one that harms our hearing health.

Stay away from the speakers: the ears suffer more if we are close to the source of sound especially, as in this case, if the decibels far exceed the recommended level.

Consultation with a specialist: if after the concert you feel whistles, buzzing, pressure in your ears, or hear your own voice as if it came from far away. These are signs that could indicate that hair cells have been destroyed inside the ear, and it is necessary to put measures to avoid a long-term hearing loss.

Source: GAES

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