Several international studies have shown that there is a relationship between exposure to solar radiation and the appearance of some cataracts, a condition that is characterized by the loss of transparency of the lens and, therefore, decreases the visual capacity.

According to the experts, in addition, exposing oneself to the sun without adequate protection can also cause the development of tumors, such as skin cancer, on the eyelids, and other problems such as conjunctival degeneration or corneal irritations.

Exposure to the sun without adequate protection can also lead to the development of tumors such as skin cancer on the eyelids, conjunctival degeneration, or corneal irritations.

The cataracts affect mainly people of advanced ages - it is estimated that 70% of patients are older than 75 years - and corticals, in which an association with solar radiation has been found, account for 20% of all the cases of cataracts.

Eduardo Eiroa, president of the College of Opticians-Optometrists of Galicia has warned that the increase in solar radiation at this time of year poses a risk to the health of the eyes and can cause long-term damage. For this reason, specialists insist on the need to protect the eyes with sunglasses that offer all the guarantees, since those that do not have the appropriate filters are not enough.

This expert warns that special care should be taken with children and to prevent them from staying outdoors in the hours of greatest radiation, and to try to use sunglasses as soon as possible. Also, remember that you also have to protect yourself on cloudy days, since ultraviolet radiation is more intense on a cloudy day.

Victor M. Villegas, M.D. discusses radiation retinopathy (November 2019).