The aquaplilates It is a variant of the Pilates method that consists in performing in the aquatic environment the same exercises characteristic of this activity, in this case, in a swimming pool. The specialists affirm that his practice helps to improve the posture of the spine, diminishing the muscular spasms and the pains and increasing the relaxation.

The advantage offered by this new modality is that it allows people who have difficulties to practice conventional pilates on mats on the floor, to carry out this type of exercise with ease and little effort.

Aquapilates is also an effective method of rehabilitation, because water is a means in which the impact on joints decreases

In addition, and according to experts in aquapilates, this technique is an effective method of rehabilitation because water is a medium in which the impact on joints, so it is easier to work with them and the recovery becomes faster.

It is advisable to know how to swim to practice this exercise, although it is usually done at a shallow depth, and always under the supervision of a professional monitor, who is in charge of directing the session and correcting the participants.

The training is as intense and effective as the traditional pilates, but takes advantage of all the advantages offered by buoyancy, for example, you work more deeply the deep paravertebral muscles without the need to increase the effort, thanks to the fact that water is produced an involuntary contraction of said musculature.

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