The new one Anti-tobacco law, which entered into force on January 2, 2011 is a hardening of the previous one and prohibits smoking practically in all closed public spaces. But the law does not only affect the premises, certain outdoor spaces must also be free of smoke, as is the case of playgrounds in parks and hospital areas. Below we detail where you can continue smoking, and where you could and is not allowed since last January 2.

You can continue smoking in ...

  • On the terraces of bars and restaurants, considered as such those that have, at most, two walls and roof. That is to say, that at least one of the sides has to be completely open to the outside.
  • In the outdoor spaces of the university campuses, since in this case the students are of legal age.
  • In hotels, hostels and similar, which can delimit areas for smoking, and may also book up to 30% of the total rooms for smokers.
  • In areas designated for smokers (and separated from the rest) of prisons, psychiatric centers, and residences for the elderly and disabled.
  • In football stadiums and bull rings.
  • In the smoking clubs. These clubs, to avoid that any leisure place becomes one of them to circumvent the law, must meet a series of requirements. They will have to register their headquarters and have statutes and partners, in addition to non-profit objectives, so they can not encourage the sale of consumer products. In addition, waiters and minors will not be able to enter their premises, so as not to expose them to tobacco smoke.

You can not smoke in ...

  • In closed public spaces, with the exceptions mentioned in the previous section. Therefore, all restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues where the previous law allowed smoking will remain free of smoke. Also disappear the spaces enabled for smokers inside these premises.
  • In the hospital precincts; neither inside the center where smoking was already prohibited, nor in the outdoor areas surrounding the hospital.
  • In the playgrounds of the parks.
  • In social events such as weddings, business lunches, communions ... that are held in closed public places. An option, when possible, is to hold the event on terraces and gardens authorized for that use.

These are, broadly speaking, areas where it is not allowed to light a cigarette. If you want to know more specifically where the new smoke-free smoking law prohibits, click here where you can not smoke.

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