Gout is increasing its incidence in developed countries, and experts attribute it to an inadequate diet and pathologies related to the aging of the population. This rheumatic disease affects approximately one percent of adults, a figure that reaches up to six percent when it comes to men over 70 years old, according to the results of a study conducted in the United States.

During the celebration of the XLI National Congress of the Spanish Society of Nephrology, Dr. José Luño, head of the Nephrology Service of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, has pointed out that young people do not follow an adequate diet and this, together with other factors such as sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and excessive consumption of alcohol, increase possibilities of developing gout.

Gout attacks can leave sequelae, such as damage to bones and joints, or the appearance of bumps around the joints

Gout occurs when the levels of uric acid in the organism they are very high and this is prolonged in time, either by an increase in their production or because it is not eliminated correctly. The disease manifests itself with the sudden and painful inflammation of the big toe, although it can also occur in other areas of the foot, such as the ankle, or in the hands, knees ...

It is common for gout attacks to recur once a patient has suffered one, and that new seizures affect a greater number of joints. Over time, the attacks leave sequels, such as damage to bones and joints, which can be deformed and reduced functionality, pain, or the appearance of bumps around the joints, which are known as tophi. In addition, the continued excess of uric acid, the hyperuricemia, may cause the appearance of kidney stones.

Treatment for hyperuricemia

A medicine recently approved in Spain to treat chronic hyperuricaemia, febuxostat, has been presented at the congress, which has proven its effectiveness in the trials carried out by decreasing and maintaining uric acid levels in most patients treated below 6.0 mg / dl, significantly reducing attacks of gout and tophi.

Dr. Luño has assured that it is a very effective medicine and well tolerated by patients, and that it can exert a positive action in those patients with renal failure.


What's Going on with Gout? (November 2019).