A group of Spanish researchers has conducted a study with laboratory rats that shows that consuming fructose excess during pregnancy, alters the response of the pregnant woman to the leptin, a hormone that intervenes in the control of the sensation of satiety and that regulates the intake and expenditure of energy, so that resistance to leptin is associated with overweight and obesity.

According to the findings of the study, which has been published in 'Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry', ingest a high amount of fructose - a type of sweetener common in most of the artificial refreshments- during pregnancy, could condition the biological response of the offspring to fasting or obesity, so if this association is confirmed in humans, it would be of great importance, since it is increasingly frequent consumption of soft drinks rich in fructose.

Consuming a high amount of fructose during pregnancy could alter the baby's response to leptin, a hormone that regulates the intake and expenditure of energy

To carry out the research, the scientists divided the pregnant rats into three groups; the first one was offered running water, the second water was enriched with fructose, and in the water of the third group they added the same amount of sugar in the form of glucose.

They observed that the three groups of animals presented different biochemical parameters in the blood, in the tissues and in the expression of various genes, and the same happened in the case of the offspring. Only the group that had ingested fructose through the water had alterations in the response to leptin.

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