The fear of feeling pain - which is known as algiophobia-, can end up causing as much disability to the patient as the pain itself, according to the experts of the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SEAS), who offer on their website different advice to overcome this fear and explain what to do to escape pain.

Among the disorders associated with fear of pain are the 'kinesiofobia', Which is that the person is afraid to move because he believes that this can cause harm. According to a recent investigation that has published Behavior Research Therapy, the problem is that this avoidance of movement is an important risk factor for disability in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain.

The 'cognifobia'Is another alteration associated with the fear of pain presented in this case by patients suffering from headache frequently. Due to the fear they feel for the appearance of headache, these patients avoid performing cognitive tasks and voluntarily decrease the effort required to carry them out, with the aim of trying to reduce the risk of suffering a headache or, at least, not to intensify their symptoms .

Evade yourself from pain with virtual reality

The use of virtual reality games in 3D is one of the techniques recommended by SEAS specialists to 'forget' pain. As explained by Julia Vidal, psychologist responsible for the Area of ​​Pain of this Society, the use of virtual reality allows the patient to fix their attention elsewhere, which in this case could be a game, so that the brain is distracted, since this body is incapable of attending intensely to two things at the same time.

The positive influence exerted by virtual reality on the decrease in the perception of pain has been proven in several studies. Last year the journal 'Studies in Health Technology and Informatics' published a study carried out by the University of Barcelona in which it was observed that participants who were distracted by the use of virtual reality - and especially if they interacted with the program - reported a less intense perception of pain.

In a study conducted by the University of Barcelona it was observed that participants who were distracted by the use of virtual reality reported a less intense perception of pain

Recently, a virtual reality system called 'Isla calma', developed by the company Nesplora, has just been presented in Spain. It serves to distract patients when they undergo procedures that are bothersome or when it is usual to be afraid of them. pain, as with some medical treatments, minor surgery, certain diagnostic tests, and so on.

This program, which lasts three hours, allows patients to interact with a relaxing scene - there are eight in total - using 3D glasses and a wireless controller. The use of this software is especially recommended during dental treatments, interventions performed with local anesthesia, during the performance of painful or painful diagnostic tests, such as a biopsy, as well as in pain units and for patients who follow chronic treatments.

Source: Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SEAS)

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