Thyroid disorders are underdiagnosed in Spain, according to experts in the field, and between 25 and 50% of people who suffer from any of these diseases do not know.

This has been pointed out by Dr. Lluís Vila, coordinator of the working group of Iodine deficiency and thyroid dysfunction, at the inaugural press conference of the 53rd Congress of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) held this week in Santiago de Compostela.

Dr. Lluís Vila has insisted on the need to raise awareness in society about the consequences that this type of pathology can have, and during the International Thyroid Week, which has been held in parallel to the congress, a tent has been placed in the Paseo de la Alameda Compostelana, to inform about the thyroid gland and about the adequate consumption of iodine.

It is a pathology that especially affects pregnant women, and it is recommended that women "get screened before they become pregnant"

According to Dr. Vila explained, it is a pathology that affects pregnant women especially, so it is recommended that women "be screened before becoming pregnant."

He has also emphasized the importance of iodine in nutrition for thyroid function. In this regard, he stressed that in the last ten years has been a "positive change" in the child population of Galicia, and has advanced that they are finalizing a study, conducted in Spain with about 3,000 children, which has been observed that iodine levels among the youngest are "quite correct" compared to those of a decade ago. "There has been a qualitative leap," he has sentenced.

Obesity alert in Spain

On the other hand, the president of the organizing committee of the congress and professor of the University of Santiago, Felipe Casanueva, has warned about the seriousness of the prevalence of obesity among the Spanish population, with an average rate of 28%, which implies eight million people, and that has a lower incidence among those under 45 years and a higher rate in older people.

Casanueva has been convinced that "in a moment the politicians will be convinced that it is a silent emergency", since the figures are enormously worrying "and has warned that in the child population the incidence" is very high ".

The specialist has pointed out that the highest rate of obesity is presented by the Mediterranean countries -between which Spain is included-, which is why he has advocated "convincing" the population that there is a "huge problem" and why the authorities put in place "structured plans to tackle the problem".

In this line, Dr. Casanueva recalled that obesity also contributes to increase the number of patients with diabetes, pathology that is related to obesity in 90% of cases, as specified.

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