44% of Spaniards claim to have more stress and 28% worse quality of life than two years ago as a result of the economic crisis, according to a report by the Pfizer Foundation.

In most cases, respondents attribute their discomfort to being unemployed and having less income. Perhaps for this reason, for 26.3% his main concern is work, and then health and the economic situation in general. In fact, almost half of those who currently work for others fear losing their jobs, and 86.2% of those who are unemployed believe that it will be difficult for them to find an adequate job in the short term.

More than half of citizens (53.5%) have been forced to change their way of life or give up something due to the economic crisis, especially in relation to their leisure activities (53.7%) and leisure travel (24.2%).

Although the eating habits of 74.6% of the interviewees remain the same, 32.3% say that they have varied their food purchases due to the crisis and that, above all, they buy cheaper products than before.

In terms of public health, 50% rate it as good or very good, but 70.1% are concerned that it may deteriorate in a short space of time due to the economic crisis that remains unresolved. Also 69.9% fear a possible deterioration of public education, 73.2% see the retirement pension system in danger, and 73.7% think that subsidies to the unemployed could suffer cuts.


There's more to life than being happy | Emily Esfahani Smith (November 2019).