The Secretary of Health of Mexico, José Ángel Córdova, has reported that all the states of the country are at alert level to avoid a possible outbreak of cholera similar to Haiti, which has already killed more than 1,700 people .

The official clarified that it is only a preventive measure that implies strengthening surveillance and diagnostic systems, since the risk of contagion in Mexico is "low", according to the newspaper 'Milenio'. "The risk is low, because the infrastructure in the country has improved a lot. However, in any part of the world there is the possibility of cases being presented, "said Córdova.

In compliance with this mechanism, the secretary explained that all doctors are obliged to notify the government of any suspicious case, in order to carry out the corresponding follow-up and, if confirmed, activate the necessary security measures to prevent the spread of the disease. .

However, Cordova said that currently there is no cholera patient in the country, although he recalled that five months ago an isolated case was detected in the state of Sinaloa (west), which presented no problem for treatment and cure.