In Spain, around 50% of patients with AIDS follow the antiretroviral therapy with a single pill, which has replaced the usual treatment that includes several different drugs. According to specialists, it is expected that by 2015 seven out of ten patients with HIV benefit from this single drug -Whose use was approved in the year 2006-.

Within the framework of the celebration of the Congress HIV treatment standards: moving into the future, the experts explained that among the advantages of this single drug, it stands out that it is cost-effective compared to traditional therapy, since it reduces expenses derived, for example, from hospital admissions. Thus, at the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona, ​​they have found savings of 100 euros per patient per month with the use of the new medication.

Thanks to advances in antiretroviral therapy, the drugs used are now better tolerated by the patient, and their side effects have been significantly reduced

Congress participants affirm that important advances in antiretroviral therapy have been achieved, and that thanks to this the drugs used are now better tolerated by the patient, and their side effects, including pancreatitis, have been significantly reduced. The new treatment, consisting of a single pill, makes it easier for patients to follow the treatment, and that contributes to its effectiveness.

Regarding the main challenges posed by the HIV infection -Of which each year between 3,500 and 4,000 new cases are diagnosed in our country-, specialists like Dr. Santiago Moreno, head of the Infectious Diseases Service of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, warn that the strategies that have been carried out to detect the infection early have not been effective because more than half of the cases are diagnosed late, and three out of ten affected are still unaware that they are seropositive. Therefore, they request that the necessary resources be allocated so that the health cuts do not affect the National AIDS Plan, and they can continue fighting to stop the spread of HIV infection.

Medical Animation: HIV and AIDS (November 2019).