One of the consequences of the economic crisis we are experiencing has been the increase in the number of people who consult for anxiety and emotional alterations, a scenario that does not seem to change soon. Calamaro said 'to continue with pharmacy and with endurance', and so it will be, if there is no other remedy ... but it does not seem to be the most advisable, or at least that is what can be deduced from a study carried out recently by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), which has found that it is very common to prescribe medicines to treat cases of anxiety and mild depression that could be combated effectively with the use of psychotherapy.

According to the OCU, too many anxiolytics and antidepressants are used to the detriment of the use of other treatments, such as psychotherapy, which are generally effective in patients with anxiety and mild depression.

Several studies indicate that almost a quarter of the population will suffer from a mental disorder at some point in their lives, so the way to approach the treatment of these conditions, and the safety and effectiveness of the drugs and therapies used, are vital. importance to achieve the well-being of patients.

According to the data collected by the OCU, too many are used anxiolytics Y antidepressants to the detriment of the use of other treatments, such as psychotherapy, which are generally effective in improving the quality of life of people suffering from anxiety and minor depression. In addition, patients often have no other alternative, since they are not offered the possibility of receiving psychological support and, in the event that this is the case, face waiting lists that may delay treatment for several months, so that resorting to medication is the most immediate solution.

For this reason, since the OCU affect the need to improve assistance to these people by training primary care professionals, and facilitating access of patients to psychological therapy, with or without drugs depending on each case, and explain that in this way better results would be obtained and could also reduce the loss of working hours that usually cause affective disorders, which would counteract the cost of psychotherapy.

How Psychotherapy Works (November 2019).