People who have a dog They know how difficult it is often to leave him alone at home to go to work. A feeling of anguish that increases even more if we must do some extra hour. Conscious of this, more and more companies are pet friendly that allow their employees Take your pets to your workplace.

It is a trend that has not been slow to show numerous Benefits since, according to a study conducted by the American university Virginia Commonwealth (USA), the people who take their furry friends to work are less stressed and they are more productive that those who do not have a dog, or who have it but can not take it to their place of work.

Being able to take the pet to the office helps to make work environments more creative and to make employees more willing to spend more hours working

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed and compared the hormonal levels of three groups of workers. One of them was made up of people who had pet and that they could go to work with her; another for employees who did not have; and, finally, they also studied people who had dogs, but could not take them to work.

Dogs help create more creative work environments

Although the results of the first tests (performed in the morning) were similar among the three groups of participants, the data varied as the hours passed, so that people who had a dog and brought it to work began to present levels of stress increasingly reduced, while those who had left at home, or who did not have a dog directly, were increasingly stressed. Also, as Randolph Barker, the lead author of the study, states, the employees who took their dogs to work also showed higher level of satisfaction and they were more productive compared to the rest of the participants.

And, in addition, our faithful four-legged companions not only make us less stressed when they accompany us to work, but it also seems to help them work environments be more creative and that employees are more willing to spend more hours at work, as demonstrated by a survey conducted by the nonprofit American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association (APPMA) to US companies.

Rules to take the dog to work

More and more companies pet friendly They allow dogs in their offices and, according to the aforementioned survey, in the United States these are already welcome in almost one in five companies. Among the companies that have joined this initiative are Google, Amazon, or Nestlé, for example. To ensure work harmony, however, most companies set a series of rules that must be met if you want to go to work with a furry friend. The most common requirements in companies to be able to take your pet to the office They are usually:

  • Always have bags to collect the possible feces of our pet.
  • That the dog is sociable and knows how to relate to all people.
  • That is friendly with other dogs.
  • Avoid bringing him if he is sick.
  • Have all the vaccines up to date.

Taking your dog to work (November 2019).