Acupuncture and moxibustion, curative methods of traditional Chinese medicine, help to speed up the palliation of chronic pain if combined with drugs that are commonly used to combat this problem, as explained by Dr. Valentín Martín, director of the VII Course of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, that will be taught in the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid.

This specialist states that the pain management improvement when these techniques are combined with traditional drugs, and that their results are especially positive in the case of patients suffering from a Trigeminal neuralgia -Which is considered the strongest pain that the human being is capable of supporting-, and also after the failed operations of a herniated disc. In both cases, and according to Dr. Martin, it is very difficult to alleviate the pain with Western medicine, and acupuncture allows multiplying the success cases.

Acupuncture helps, in combination with traditional medications, to alleviate trigeminal neuralgia, and pain after a failed operation of herniated disc

In many cases, they are the coordinators of the Pain Units those who suggest to patients to resort to this specialty and, according to the expert, in Spain 65% of migraine cases are already treated in young people with acupuncture, a trend that is increasing because more and more professionals and patients who trust in their effectiveness.

Dr. Martín points out that acupuncture treatment should be included in the SNS service portfolio so that all patients can access their benefits. According to specialists, the cost of the complete cycle of this technique does not exceed 10 euros per patient.

Source: Grünenthal Pharma

Acupuncture: A New Treatment Option for Pain (November 2019).