In the first phase of a pioneering research in Spain, it has been proven that the use of acupuncture is beneficial for delivery to start spontaneously before the deadline, without the need to resort to more aggressive medical treatments such as the administration of oxytocin.

The study - called "Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Spontaneous Start of Delivery" - has been carried out by the team of the La Plana University Hospital in Vila-real, and has involved low-risk pregnant women who are treated in said room. These women undergo regular maternal-fetal well-being checks from week 39 of pregnancy to week 41, when the induction of labor protocol is initiated.

With the new technique of acupuncture, pregnant women have 3.5 more chances of giving birth spontaneously

The technique used -which according to the participants in the study is painless-, is based on inserting the acupuncture needles in certain points that contribute to the labor that starts spontaneously before it is necessary to induce it. The points selected to insert the needles are located in the lumbar region, the lower extremities and the ears

The results of the study indicate that with the new technique, pregnant women are 3.5 times more likely that their birth begins spontaneously. Thus, women who tried -voluntarily and under medical supervision- acupuncture started labor 6.1 days after starting to undergo this technique, while those who did not undergo acupuncture went into labor at birth. 8 days on average.

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